Jan17Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

One Week into the Sunset Project

Jan17Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

I have been photographing sunsets for 8 straight days now, (having outlasted my therapist’s assumptions), and my eyes are close to falling out.
When I lay to rest at night I find myself tired and ready to quit, but in the morning I am excited and wondering where that day’s twilight will find me.
Already I’ve learned valuable lessons on punctuality and patience, time management skills that I did not learn during the last 29 years.
This project was not planned; I just felt like photographing the sunset last Tuesday and when I came home, I said, “I should upload a picture of the sunset every day.”
The response was favorable. Family support dwindled slightly half way through the week then suddenly picked up again to my surprise.
My only regret is that I do not have as much time to draw or play guitar, but I am sure that once this becomes part of my routine, I will find time for my other hobbies.

Obstacles overcome:
Excusing myself during a dinner-party to go to the beach and shoot.
Traffic, traffic, traffic and arriving to locations 10 minutes before sunset only to find them closed.
Getting lost going to places I haven’t visited in years.
Having my parents over for dinner (for the first time ever) at the same time I need to be shooting.

Sunsets are like manna- God’s daily gift, impossible to store.

Every day I will share my sunset under the Today’s Sunset section of my site.


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