Jan24Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

One Month of DSLR Sunset Photography

Today was to be the last sunset on account of my wishing to move on to other projects but due to popular demand (4 or 5 fans) I will continue to photograph the sunset.
However, I am doing away with the sunrise clause. 😉

When, how and where to photograph:
Spreaded clouds- Clear horizon~
These are the most colorful sunsets. Ironically, after the sun sinks, the exposure must be lowered, because the sky will become brighter. Best appreciated from the beach.
Feb10Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

Cloudy sky- Cloudy horizon~
The sun appears to be setting earlier than it is supposed to. The circle becomes distorted in an interesting way. Best appreciated from a high vantage point.
Jan31Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

Clear sky- Clear horizon~
Good for high contrast shots. Either from the beach or a hill, the important thing is framing/composition.
Feb9Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

Clear sky- Cloudy horizon~
These are common in my area since there’s usually fog along the Channel Islands. It is best to start shooting early since the actual sunset will not be visible. The higher up you go, the more time you seem to have, but the less colorful the shot.
Feb3Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

Measure exposure for the sky, not the subject. Focus on subject. Shoot upward from a low angle.
Feb2Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

Shutter Speeds:
On exceptionally overcast days you will absolutely need a tripod. The advantage is that you have more time to play with running water effects, which begin to make a favorable difference at 1/2 second or slower.
Feb7Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

If there are animals in the shots you have to shoot at a minimum speed of 1/125 or they will turn out blurry. (High shutter speed -> low aperture). So even in the best of cases, shots with animals should be done before the sun sets.
Jan26Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

I have kissed the sky, become one with creation; I’ve watched Night gobble Day as I am absorbed into an incarnation of peace. I have bathed my feet in bliss and my soul in admiration.

Jan24Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

Every day I will share my sunset under the Today’s Sunset section of my site.


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