Feb16Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

What I Learned from the Sunset Project

I got to meet a few interesting photographers while taking photographs of the sunset every day, . It’s really a trend. I call it “sunset culture.” The trick is to keep sand in your shoes and always leave others hanging.
Sunset Bike by Ave Valencia

It is possible to go from heaven…
Mar5Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia
to hell…
Jan15Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

In the end, my right eye retina has pretty much burnt out, but my left eye’s still usable.
Mar1Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

This statement sums up the purpose of this project:
“I spend so much time blaming God for what man does that I don’t take time to stop and look at what God is doing.”
-Local Hobo
Feb5Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia

So take the time.  Days are short. Opportunities don’t repeat themselves. Don’t take things for granted. The sun will rise again tomorrow and it will set, for certain, and it will be absolutely beautiful all around the world. If you look for beauty, you will find it.
And when you find it, enjoy it.

Feb16Sunset2012 by Ave Valencia


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