Bi-Polar Bear Test Drawing by Ave Valencia

Review of Free iPad Drawing Apps

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I installed 14 different free drawing apps onto the iPad3:

  • @Draw
  • BambooPaper
  • ColorBoxHD
  • Concepts
  • DoodleBuddy
  • Draw
  • Drawcast
  • Draw (the game)
  • DrawingBox
  • Inkflow
  • MyBrushes
  • SketchBookX
  • Whiteboard
  • YouDoodle

I then tested my character Blueberry Polaris otherwise known as Bi-Polar Bear on each app to decide which app was the best in terms of drawing fluidity and quality.

SketchBookX was by far the best app and the one I intend to use instead of my Wacom Tablet (which I haven’t really used as much as I had originally planned, but that is because Bi-Polar Bear was going through a down period.)

Anyway my supervisor who is a professional lifelong painter recommended the use of SketchBookX with a pressure-sensitive Bluetooth Stylus brush.

I deleted most of the other apps but I kept Bamboo Paper to take notes in, Draw (the game) because of its games, Drawing Box because it lets you playback an animation of how you drew your drawing, and Whiteboard cause it lets you draw with someone else- In case anyone ever wants to draw with me, shoot me an email.


2 thoughts on “Review of Free iPad Drawing Apps

    1. thanx.
      The responsiveness of the apps is what ends up making or breaking the drawing process.
      I was taking notes on it at the meeting on Sunday and all of a sudden the Siri went off talking I don’t know if you heard it, I wanted to melt.


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