Getty Form and Shape Study by Ave Valencia

The Getty: the Happiest Place on Earth

Recently we passed up a trip to Disneyland in order to visit the Getty Center where I did studies of light and form. 

Architecture and Landscaping:

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Garden Blossoms:

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Now I can say my art’s been displayed at the Getty. :j

You are allowed to take photos of gallery exhibits for personal use so not wanting to infringe copyrights, here are outside links to my favorite pieces:

“The Penitent Magdalene” by Titian (oil painting)  made me cry

“Delisions of Grandeur” by René Magritte (Bronze) reminds of Russian nesting dolls

“Head of Saint John the Baptist” by Joanny (bronze) impacting in person

“Man With a Hoe” by Jean-Francois Millet (oil painting) very moving

“A Young Girl Defending Herself Against Eros” by William Adolphe Bouguereau (oil painting) need I say more?

“Penelope Unraveling Her Web” by Joseph Wright of Derby (oil painting) the story to this is quite romantic

“Two” by Robert Adams (stainless steel) Here I saw two people back to back while my husband saw two giant spatulas.

“Draped Reclining Mother and Baby” by Henry Moore (bronze) my favorite sculptor


2 thoughts on “The Getty: the Happiest Place on Earth

  1. Omigoodness! This is BEAUTIFUL, sister! You are a REALLY good photographer and of course an amazing artist.. good job and nice post.


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