Hip Hop artist Rayce

Social Justice Hip-Hop Artist: Rayce

Rayce is a hip hop artist who raps about social justice issues, without the offensive language typical of hip hop culture.

I had the pleasure of meeting him at a gallery reception about a month ago.

He’s building his reputation touring in Europe and plans to go back soon.

It’s nice to meet someone going against the current and being successful at it.

He happened to be doing a show later that night at the Golden China (Ventura) and invited me.

My husband and I waited through several groups before Rayce took the stage.

We don’t usually listen to hip hop so at times we felt a bit disoriented.

But the energy Rayce generates virtually out of thin air, creating waves of rhythmic verbal poetry for minutes at a time, is intense and contagious.

It captures your attention in a way that makes you stop whatever you’re thinking and start getting the point he’s conveying.

This isn’t background music. He’s center-stage and he doesn’t second-guess the role he’s in.

Check out his music:

Visit his page at: rayceismmusic.com

All photographs © Ave Valencia 2014


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