Seagull Diaries

The Seagull Diaries

Short fictional story I just wrote; enjoy!

Seagull DiariesWelcome to Giant Gullville-
A beach-town near Ventura.

Seagull DiariesSally (left) is a seagull who lives in Giant Gullville.
She requests I stay and watch despite my funny feathers.

Seagull DiariesSally gathers the other seagulls around to make an important announcement.

Seagull Diaries“I’m leaving you, Jerry!” gawks Sally.

Seagull DiariesSally makes a run for it before Jerry can react, while her sister Grace watches from behind.

Seagull DiariesJerry’s heart is broken.
“Cheer up!” says his sister-in-law Grace.
“She never really liked you that much anyway.”

Seagull DiariesThen Grace kicks Jerry in the head while his buddy Mike tries to stop her.

Seagull DiariesTheir cousin Mary politely says to me, “Will you please stop taking pictures?!? We’re in the middle of a crisis, can’t you see it’s inappropriate?!?”

Seagull DiariesJerry must make a choice: sulk forever and die alone or go on after the love of his bird-life.
Full of new-found determination, he spreads his wings and gawks, “I’m going after her!”

Seagull DiariesHe finds Sally at a nearby beach called San Gaviota.
Sally appears to be happily feeding off Mexican food leftovers someone dropped on the sand.
She is unaltered by Jerry’s demanding presence.
“Sally, my love, who are all these other birds? Come back with me to Giant Gullville. I am sorry. We can fly anywhere you want to go. Just take me back, please!”

Seagull DiariesBut Sally simply lifts her foot and widens the distance between them without uttering a single word.
Poor Jerry drops his head under the weight of his shoulders and waits for a wave to come feed him to the sharks, while the other gulls gawk in cold-hearted  unison at the top of their lungs.


Photos shot with my old phone camera and the help of my husband who kept the birds close by.
I do not usually post low-res photos on here, but I really like how these turned out and want to share them.


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