HWY 126 Landscape by Ave Valencia

Highway 126 Photos

I recently realized I hardly have anything under the travel category, which is strange since I do quite a bit of traveling.

I just tend to keep these photos for myself for some reason.

I will be working on changing that, so as a start, here are some experimental shots from our one-day road trip from Ventura to the San Fernando Valley on Highway 126.

The experimental part about these shots is that we were going between 45-65 mph at any given moment.

This road tends to be extremely foggy in the morning, which adds a touch of nostalgic drama, but makes shooting a clear crisp shot from a moving vehicle nearly impossible.

It was a learning experience. Enjoy!

Estas fotos fueron tomadas mientras viajábamos sobre la carretera 126 desde Ventura hacia el Valle de San Fernando.

Fue difícil capturar imágenes claras puesto que hay bastante niebla e íbamos alta velocidad, pero fue una experiencia de la cual aprendí.

Estaré compartiendo más y más fotos de mis pequeñas viaje-aventuras.

© Ave Valencia 2015 where noted in the description.


2 thoughts on “Highway 126 Photos

  1. Good for you. I experiment a lot with photography but only for basic knowledge and functions. I’ve thought of adventurous experiments like you have here, but often ended with not-enough results, or I just never tried what I had in mind. So kudos for you. And well done with the creative distorted images. I used 126 when I try to avoid traffic to go back home to Ventura.


    1. You know every now and then I’ve fallen into a photography rut. Then I have to lay back and search inside myself to come up with new ways of pushing my camera’s capacity and remind myself not to be self conscious about it. It’s the only way I’ve been able to revive the passion for it time and again.


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