sand in foreground with dry seaweed and a teepee made from driftwood forming an arch, silhouette of a bird in flight over ocean in background

Surreal Stroll at Emma Wood State Beach

Shot in July between Emma Wood and Solimar beaches, near Ventura. That day the weather was 30 ° cooler on the coast, about a 30 minute drive coming from the valley. There was a lot more trash on the beach than usual and I ended up getting sick.

Las fotos fueron tomadas en julio entre las playas de Emma Wood y Solimar, cerca de Ventura. Ese día el clima estaba como 30 grados (F) menos caluroso por la playa, que queda como a 30 minutos manejando desde el valle. Había una cantidad inusual de basura por la arena y terminé enfermándome.

© Ave Valencia 2019 Creative Commons Attribution-Non-commercial License. Pictures shot with GoPro Hero 6.


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